Compensation Services


Compensation Services

Insight consultants have deep expertise with a wide array of compensation-related needs facing your organization such as attraction and attention analysis, incentive plans, salary administration and base cash compensation structures.

Insight provides salary market data research to ensure that your compensation structures are in sync with budget requirements while attractive enough to attract the top talent. These services include analysis of current and projected industry compensation trends and detailed recommendations to address them.

Insight can also assist with a variety of specialized compensation needs for both sales personnel and executive-level management. We can design, implement and administer performance-driven compensation tactics and measurement tools to ensure sales professionals are motivated to achieve at the highest level possible.

When it comes to compensating C-level executives, the Insight Human Capital team possesses in-depth experience working with board compensation committees. We can assist organizations with executive compensation strategies including market analysis and short- and long-term incentive plans.

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Compensation Services:

  • Compensation strategy
  • Attraction/retention analysis
  • Base cash compensation structure
  • Short- and long-term incentive plans
  • Total compensation analysis
  • Salary administration

Salary Market Data Research:

  • Market analysis of positions
  • Special surveys of select positions/groups/industries
  • Development and administration of “Club Surveys”
  • Trend analysis and strategy recommendations

Sales Compensation:

  • Sales compensation strategy
  • Development of sales compensation plans
  • Sales effectiveness metrics
  • Sales compensation administration

Executive Compensation

  • Executive compensation strategy
  • Design and implementation of short- and long-term incentive plans
  • External market analysis and reporting
  • Interaction with Board Compensation Committees
  • Executive compensation administration processes