Creating holistic business information from different data sources is a challenge. Getting it right requires a deep understanding of all the attributes and how they fit together. Insight uses a unique prototyping methodology that works through agile-like iterations in business logic in short order. Each iteration moves the project closer to having complete and accurate requirements.

One of the biggest problems in data analytics is identifying logic that effectively blends data from different sources into complete information for the business. Prototyping allows you to quickly analyze different data combinations and algorithms to determine what is effective.

  • Proven Value to Information.  The business can validate that prototype results meet the requirements.  Fully evolved prototypes can be used by the business until development is complete.  This serves as a further validation of the need for the information.    
  • Produces Deep Understanding of the Information.  Having a complete prototype is like having an MRI image of the business, a view that makes sense from multiple perspectives.   
  • Understanding Promotes Collaboration.  The dialog and feedback associated with iterative prototype development fosters collaboration between the business and IT.  
  • Efficient Development.  Requirements are fully defined before modelling and design begin.    
  • Establishes Testing Requirements.  The prototype process produces data sets that can be used to test the data coming out of development.  

Insight has provided this service for dozens of projects. Contact us for names of customers who can provide references.

Insight has proven success delivering the following services to our clients:
  • Business Data Prototyping for complex system analysis and testing
  • Business intelligence solutions that deliver key indicators for daily operations
  • Data analytics that identify critical indicators for historical analysis
  • Reconciliation of complicated transaction sets
  • System testing to validate that the developed solution can handle every test case